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Remote videogames execution


Multidisciplinary project of integration of services. On one hand there has been configured a virtualized server farm, that will offer and expose all the infrastructure and necessary services to access a small web platform implemented in HTML5 and JS (JQuery), that will allow to run video games through the browser.

The execution of video games is physically performed on virtualized Windows nodes, establishing RDP connections served as a streaming mode to the browser.


For this project has been integrated diverse technology and services. The objective was the creation a web platform for executing a remote videogame in a virtualized serers farm, streaming the remote session in real time.

The servers farm runs under Debian Wheezy in VBox. It has theese nodes:

  • 2 Tomcat for executing the web app Guacamole based
  • Apache for the Web API Rest
  • 2 balancers HAProxy for High Availability with HeartBeat
  • MySql Database
  • Dynamic Windows Virtualized Nodes for the physic execution of the videogames
  • RSysLog server for the farm

The open project “Guacamole” has been used to establish the RDP connections to the Windows nodes- It processes the inputs from the web navigator and renders the output session under HTML5 CANVAS. Uses its own compression and codification algorithms for sound and image – Guacamole.

It has a little web portal with auth for maintaining the remote videogames execution in HTML5 and JS (JQuery).

A complete REST API in PHP has been developed for the interaction between the Web App and the farm.

A bunch of Shell Scripts are used for the dynamic provissioning and manipulating of the VM.

Project info


September 2014


PHP, JS, SellScript, MySql, Apache, Heartbeat, HA Proxy, Debian, VirtualBox