Hilarious platformer


Our first 2D action platform game for PC. Developed in 48h for the GameJamUA IV. The topic was “Reality or fiction” (“Realidad o ficción”, in Spanish).

You play as a junkie that has to gather points (cigarettes and coins) along the level. In your journey you will defeat enemies (as law guards) using your projectiles (vomit and pee). Once you obtain 1000 points you have to visit the hospital to complete the level.

Using one of your three heroine doses, you can travel to a fantasy world where the enemies won’t hurt you.


One junkie is looking for rehab. Due to his condition, he is being bullied by ones who think they are morally better than him. They don’t believe in his regeneration. He needs money to go to the hospital and the only way he knows to earn it is begging coins and cigarettes. Meanwhile, to avoid the reality, he is keeping his last three drug doses, using them he will be able to travel to a happy world of fantasy.


The game was developed with Unity3D.

Graphics were made with Photoshop, and audio resources are from OpenGameArt.

Project info


July 2014


GameJamUA IV




Mobile devices


GameJamUA – Demadrugged