Defend our galaxy


A 2D action videogame for mobile platforms based on the GameJamUA VI project Sausaroids.

Play as a spaceship which can move to the corners of the screen, shooting to survive the waves of enemies who try to flood the game scene.

Every enemy defeated gives you points. If you get a specific amount of points you will reach a new level. Also you can get different types of powerups which will help you, like enhanced projectiles, shields, blasters, etc.

From the external border proximities an unusual report has been received, it’s about a strange space-time disruption. You have got the coordinates, you have traveled to the conflict area to do research and accomplish your mission. You have been sent with minimal weapons in your spaceship, no threat had been detected yet. However, based on your experience in previous missions, we gave you a transmitter, through it you could ask for help to intergalactic headquarter in case of great danger.

On arrival you can see an intergalactic rift is being opened between different space-time planes and a horde of strange beings are coming through it. Because of hiperdimensional jump you have been trapped within the gravitational force of the vortex. Fortunately, you have been able to send a help request to the headquarter. In response they have sent you devices to keep you safe from the rift’s traction and some spaceship powerups to face enemies.


The game is being made by Unity3D, optimized for mobiles. Enemies, player, powerups and other elements are being made with Gimp and Inkscape.

To improve level building productivity we use a tool developed by ourselves in AngularJS.

For store and manage user’s data, at the backend, we are using StrongLoop.

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