8 Bits adventures


An action-rpg game for Amstrad CPC developed for Artificial Intelligence, subject of Computer Engineering Degree, University of Alicante.

The player has to pick up all the keys to open the main door of the stage. When the player reach the opened door he will complete the level. The enemies are looking out for hurt the player and make him fail his objective.

This project was focused on artificial intelligence at machines with very limited performance.


Graphics were made with Retro Game Asset Studio

The game was made with the integrated development framework CPCTelera

Artificial Inteligence

Enemy 1 – Patroller
This enemy patrols a specific area following a concrete number of predefined points. If the player enters into his field of view the enemy will starts a hunting routine. From this state he can change his behaviour through multiple events. If he reaches the player and hits him or he faces a wall, the enemy will start a quick search. When the searching comes to an unsuccessful end he will try to return to his patrol. To overcome this problem he uses a simplified version of the A Star algorithm. It does not explore all nodes, only a few predefined points usually called \”waypoints\”.
Enemy 2 – Watchman
This enemy does not move, he performs a vigilance routine. In case of seeing the player, he will call to the nearest patrol enemy to come to his position.

Project info


December 2014


Retro Game Asset Studio, CPC Telera


Amstrad CPC 464


Source code on Github

CPCRetroDev Game Creation Contest